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Snakes flesh

Snakes fleshSnake flesh has, long ago, been recognized as a precious medicine for release pain, cold disinfection, sore joints.. Besides, characterized by a lot of exercise that snake flesh is lean, nutritious and contains more protein than that of other animals.

Snake is a common novelty and relished food. You can drink the wine as well as eat the flesh on several occasions. When I visit one of my Vietnamese friends, he caught a cobra outside his front door and shared it with me in the evening. Actually, there is very little meat on a cobra, so the skin is eaten as well. In the village of Le Mat, which is famous for its snake restaurants, I tried snake meat in a number of ways, including in soup (both the taste and texture was like crab meat) and spring rolls (tastes like chicken). Furthermore, snake blood is supposed to be healthy with many benefits as well as a natural form of Viagra. So what is its taste like? I was surprised that tasting a fried meat actually a bit like custard.There is no fat and extremely lean and tender. After trying snake, you will surely be back for more!

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