Duration: 2,5 Hours

As the sun rises, the local Hoi An fishermen are returning home with their catch after a long and tiring night fishing in the Cua Dai Sea. With fishing skills handed down from father to son, their boats are laden with a wide variety of fish, crabs, shrimps and shellfish from the Cua Dai Sea. Meanwhile the fishermen’s wives are waiting at the dock to receive the catch and quickly offer it fresh for sale at the nearby bustling Hoi An market. This is a daily ritual in the life of the Hoi An fishing families. EARLY FISH MARKET & SUNRISE brings you into the daily life of the Hoi An fishermen – a privileged experience. .

Duration: 2,5 Hours

The special part of the day for a local Hoi An fisherman is in the late afternoon, setting out into the Cua Dai Sea with expectations of a bountiful catch. SUNSET CRUISE enables you to witness two special daily rituals: the passing parade of the local fishing fleet setting out to sea and the magic of the sun slowly sinking in the western sky. Our tour also provides you with the opportunity to experience paddling the strange and unique Vietnamese bamboo basket boat. Back on-board our Jack Tran’s boat you can enjoy the setting of the sun and the day’s end with refreshments including cold beer and soft drinks together with a Complimentary Vietnamese Snack. .

Duration: 4 Hours

If you want to experience an unique adventure in Hoi An, simply join a Rice Farming Tour. Learn hands on about the whole process of how rice reaches its finished product. Start the day by riding a water buffalo and then take part in plough, raking, sowing, planting, grinding and separating the rice and making rice flour. At the end of the tour you will have the opportunity to cook and eat beautiful crispy pancakes which will be served with a cool drink. This whole experience is held on a family farm and will be something you will never forget..

Duration: 5 Hours

Enjoy local life of Vietnamese farmer at the Hanoi’s suburban countryside. Located in the rural area of Hanoi, just about 20 km to the south-west of the capital, Song Phuong village is very famous for its beauty as well as for many green garden and clean vegetable field. All of the products here are made by the local people with the total area of more than 20,000m2. Most of the area is covered by various kinds of fruits and vegetables like orange, grapefruit, mango, lychee… .

Duration: 4 - 5 Hours

Attend local home cooking, you consider visit a distant friend's house. You will be warmly welcomed by host, visit local market, cook and get secret to cooking the most delicious Vietnamese dishes that is revealed from the traditional, resourceful woman. .

Duration: 8 Hours

The experience is great for those loving to discover the tranquility countryside in Hanoi suburb, get away from tourist trap and exciting city, enjoy great local food, meet very friendly people, and explore uniquely local market. .