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The quintessential of hanoi street food

The quintessential of hanoi street food Almost foods from villages all over the country are available in Hanoi; if the taste is good, they will become one of the dishes Hanoi people prefer. Among them there are snacks, breakfast, lunch, afternoon, night and all the food dishes associated with the custom of ancestor worship, or customary New Year.

Hanoi is not only a center of politics, economy, culture and society, but also a culinary center with good food, from gourmet to rustic, from many countries all over Vietnam.

Almost foods from villages all over the country are available in Hanoi; if the taste is good, they will become one of the dishes Hanoi people prefer. Among them there are snacks, breakfast, lunch, afternoon, night and all the food dishes associated with the custom of ancestor worship, or customary New Year.

Since ancient times and until now, cook and enjoy the food processing has always been an art. With Hanoi people, this is increasingly becoming an own unique culture, attracts anyone tasting it.

The exquisiteness of Hanoi cuisine shows from choosing raw materials to processing, enjoy and style in the heart of the award who accepted. Each Hanoi dishes have taste, own beauty and especially in traditional etiquette, is lifted into the culinary art.

Some typical delicacies of Hanoi should not missed can be listed as following:

Pho Hanoi

Pho Hanoi brings a unique, special and cannot be mixed with any other noodles. Delicious broth thanks for three ingredients: beef bones, fish sauce and baked ginger.

Pho Hanoi has the sweet essence of beef bones, aromatic beef cooked to ductility without tough; transparent broth, thin and soft noodles. A handful of soft white noodles are through hot water, the above is the thin slices of meat as paper with onions, peeled green herbs, a few slices of ginger, add some red slices of pepper. Only in a bowl of Pho, it converges the colors and flavor exquisitely and great taste.

Unique food Hanoi

Cha Ca La Vong

Cha Ca La Vong is a fish marinated, grilled over charcoal and then fried in the pan fat, the dish is Doan’s family at 14 Cha Ca Street (previously Hang Son) in the Quarter keep business secrets and named.

Fish used to make rolls usually is fresh Hemibagrus - little fish bones, sweet and aromatic meat. It can replace hemibagrus with catfish, mullet; they are also delicious.

Fish is filtered ​​from two sides of the flanks, sliced, mixed with galangal, turmeric, batch, pepper, fish sauce in a special esoteric way for at least two hours, then clamp the pair bamboo (or grill with some oils to not stick), and baked until both sides are equally ripe.

Fish roll must be served hot. When you eat, pick up the pieces of fish roll into a bowl, sprinkle oils (boiling) above, served with noodles tangled, roasted peanut, cilantro, basil, dill, fresh onions chopped small dots with shrimp sauce. Go to Hanoi in winter and enjoy Cha Ca La Vong, it is nothing more interesting than.

Cha ca

Bun cha

Referring to the delicacies of Hanoi, it is impossible not to mention the bun cha. Almost Hanoi people gourmet knows Dac Kim - 1 Hang Manh Street, commonly referred to as bun cha Hang Manh.

Bun cha here is cooked picky due to undergo several stages of processing. There are two types of meat: meat ball and meat bar. Pork made rolls is marinated pork and then cooked over charcoal. With the skillful chef, meat ball and meat bar are very fragrant hash with bold yellow, brittle and plastic. Smell of bun cha is very motivated and spread very far.

The sauce is considered as the soul of this dish, it's a total mix of sour, spicy, salty and sweet. Bun cha is delicious when served with raw dish including salad, marjoram, perilla ...

Cha Noodle

West Lake shrimp cake

Called West Lake shrimp pancake because the red shrimp on crisp yellow pancake was caught from the West Lake, this type of shrimp has good and aromatic meat.

Shrimp pancake is very sophisticated distillation and blending the spices according to the baker's own secret.

Shrimp cakes, which have the same shape as palm, is fried and added by a shrimp inside. Shrimp pancakes are served with a bowl of sauce prepared separately, which has sour, sweet and spicy, little pickles made from papaya, chopped carrots soaked in vinegar.

West lake cake

Thanh Tri Pancake

From North to South, lots of regions grow rice, also have rolls, rice paper but rolls in Thanh Tri district of Hanoi is not be confused with similar gear in other localities.

Roll leaves are made from delicious rice coated thin, white as silk without crushing. Each leaf just needs to be added a little bit of oils and sprinkled some dry aromatic onion.

Rolls are served with the typical “ca cuong”, this is the unique factors that makes own taste of Thanh Tri rolls. Taste of rolls, fleshy of ear fungus, little glimpse of oil and fried onion with fragrant sweet salty sour spicy “ca cuong” sauce have made this dish up to specialties.

Thanh Tri food

Com Vong

This is a kind of special gifts in everything gifts Hanoi, made from sticky seed in Vong village.

Rice cereal made Com is harvested when still green, young glutinous rice, steamed and then through a meticulous stage. The Com maker must hand pounding glutinous rice quickly and evenly, then sieve drying, cover tightly, then rice become to plastic and aromatic products.

To have attractive green Com, the maker wraps Com in lotus leaves to keep wet and have good-smell of silk lotus leaves, increase Com taste.

Com Vong village

Dried Com is main material to made Com cake or “husband cake” that can’t be missed in any engagement. Com cake now becomes the Hanoi gift for visitor to Hanoi.

Most of Hanoi concept, the dish is as delicious as hanging out the sidewalk. So sitting, clustering of three clustering of seven, chatting and laughing, hustling in the dust of the street, crowded line of people around do not know since when has associated with Hanoi people. Others come to Hanoi to learn about the cuisine of Hanoi would be curious and surprised about the habit of eating like home inside of the modern capital, but then be interested in this unique culture with friends while enjoying delicious dishes, right taste.

Habit of Hanoi people eating right place at right taste; distance is not important to have right. They don’t mind to standing in line for an hour in a small alley to enjoy their personal favorites dishes, such as you want to enjoy shrimp pancake, let’s go to West Lake, want to enjoy Cha Ca La Vong, go to Cha Ca Street...

Hanoi people like eating along the sidewalk rather than at restaurants, bar, shops ... although the prices not much differ and space is more convenience and cleaner. Only those, who have been eaten in the restaurant and sidewalk, can understand. Maybe,  it's the food that they like, deep into the psychology of the individual. Either go anywhere, they'd still be sitting on the sidewalk and eat these dishes, still want to enjoy the taste of the cool morning, outdoor air in afternoon that makes them feel relax, a little airy and free, comfortable. That may be reason for coffee, iced tea sidewalk spring up everywhere especially in the areas close to the lake, wide tree canopy.

Unlike in Hoi An, food is sold seasonally fix time per day, street food in Hanoi is sold all day with specialties for…..

In the morning, it time for some kind of dishes relating to breakfast like Pho, Bun Cua (noodle with cramp), pancake, Bun Oc (noodle with snail).

At noon time, a light lunch with bun Cha (BBQ pork with fresh noodle), Bun Nem (fresh noodle with spring), Com rang (mixed fried rice), Bun Ngan (fresh noodle with duck)…..

In the afternoon, it time for snack like Nom (salad with dried beef), Banh Khuc (Khuc cake), Banh Tom (Shrimp cake), Sinh To Trai Cay (mixed fruit salad), Chim Cut Nuong (Grilled Quail), Trung Ngai Cuu (mixed fried egg with absinth leaf)….

When the city lights up, it is time for street food blooming with Seafood, dried squid with alcohol, coffee, green tea, BBQ…. However, Hanoi people not often go out in the evening for dinner, that time for family, so most of street food in the evening serving for young people

How can you miss authentic Hanoi food from street when you have chance to taste it anytime?! It is completely worth to enjoying for your experience Hanoi.

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