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Saigon Street Food Characteristic

Saigon Street Food Characteristic Looking for a quick lunch of soup, salad or a sandwich? Maybe you ought to think Vietnamese. Perhaps an exquisite vegetarian meal? Well, then, why not think Vietnamese? Or is tonight time for multiple dishes, contrasting flavors, varied textures and exotic ingredients? Once again, it's a good time to think Vietnamese. Or perhaps something healthy and "lite?" Guess what: think Vietnamese.

Street food and street vendors are the own culture of the Vietnamese community. They reflect the lifestyle and the process of society and eventually become a habit for Vietnamese people in general.

As the economic and cultural center of the Southern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh ( Saigon ) city is the place in which converges residents from all regions and has a wide variety of cuisine.

Therefore, street food in Ho Chi Minh City is also plentiful and diversified. Vietnamese and Saigon’s people in particular has the Asian way of cooking and eating. Most dishes are cooked in the manner which is nutritious, little greasy, balance between yin and yang, eye-catching colour and wonderful smell. Food can be cooked in the original way or can be prepared in a style combined European and Vietnamese style: delicious sweet flavour, use more vegetables and fresh flavour. For example, beef steak is the European dish, when it comes to Sai gon people cook with thin slices of meat, more spicy and served with plenty of vegetables.

Street food shop

Bread shop on street of Saigon

Another good example is Northern “pho”, Sai gon’s cooks add more meat, increase the sweet flavour and serve with more sprouts. Due to the influence of Chinese, Combodia, Thailand cuisine, Saigon cuisine seems to be sweeter than other regions in Vietnam.
At night, Sai gon street food and vendors actually reach their summit with a lot of flashing tea shops, ice-cream shops, juice-bars, coffee shops. If the elder want to improve their health they can come to some vendor restaurants served nutritious food and drinks such as ginseng tea, food with stew medicine herbs, lotus tea.

Visiting Vietnam or specially Saigon without enjoying its street food would be the regret ever. Some of the famous street dishes which you can easily find in Saigon streets are “Hutieu”- known as the name “pho” in Northern Vietnam, sizzling cake, grilled beef in betel leaf, Saigon sanwich. If you have the chance to savour some traditional dishes in Northern and Central Vietnam you can realize the differences among them when you enjoy Saigon’s food!

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