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Fried wormwood chicken egg

Fried wormwood chicken eggThe time Hanoi people have been familiar with women who just have carried only a bamboo lane or a pair of fiber going around the streets to sell fried eggs with wormwood is unknown.

They bring bamboo lane which contains enough "kit" for a delicious rustic but unique dish: small gas stove, eggs, wormwood, kumquat, peppers, chili... on shoulder, and walk through the quiet streets to sell their special dishes. Guests having come to Hanoi are very fascinated to enjoy the food in the street like it.

As a dish

From these street vendors, fried eggs with wormwood dish have become familiar. People prefer the taste of wormwood soluble in egg tart, kumquat’s sour taste and pepper’s spicy in tongue. Wormwood eggs dish became a dish for breakfast, lunch, afternoon of many people. If like this dish, they could eat day after day without being tired. Some street stores added this simple dish to the menu because it’s very easy and fast to do this dish and satisfy the customers.

Visiting to any vendor in the Hanoi “food” corner, you will see familiar images of wormwood chicken eggs. Husband prepares stove, arranges chairs for guests and parks guests’ vehicle. The wife cracks the eggs to the pan, stirs quickly; while talking with customers, she prepares salt, pepper, vinegar mode, add fresh chili... The small vendor did not have name boards but everyone knows what dishes are being sold because of the fascinating smell of wormwood eggs frying on the stove and cannot be unmistakable.

Not only the taste but also color of food makes the diners more gloat. Yellow and green mixing and intertwining is really nice. Sellers are very handy when stirring and frying that makes food crispy and fat so customers want to enjoy immediately. When eating, customers see this food is crispy, soft, sweet, sour and spicy. they only give compliment to the delicious dishes.

Visitors come to eat due to not only the taste of this special dish, a habit but also the convenience. In the morning, many people consider wormwood eggs as gentle breakfast. In the afternoon, when coming back home after work, the parents pick their children up and buy this dish forthem to avoid that they will be hungry until the dinner. Women, who go shopping or walk around streets, eat one or two wormwood eggs just for fun.

As a medicine

Hanoi is a really fertile land to grow food culture. From the simplest of materials, people here also created simple dishes that are very subtle. Wormwood egg is an example. Wormwood is very popular with medicinal effect as well as cosmetic which care skin very well. Wormwood tastes slightly bitter but when combines with eggs, it is so delicious and healthy.

It is not incidental that this dish is a favorite choice of housewives. Wormwood chicken eggs are not only tasty, nutritious but also effective to help blood flow to the brain. What could be more enjoyable when you find a way to run out of the noisy streets and tiredness due to work by a delicious dish? Only fifteen minutes, you will get rid of headache and have more energy.

For pregnant women, the wormwood egg has an amazing effect. The women, who just gave birth a baby, choose this dish as a panacea to recover their health. Because the bitter taste of wormwood fried with eggs just disappear, replaced by slightly sweet that make it very easy to eat, this dish can please to the most fastidious women.

Wormwood chicken egg is easy to not only find ingredients but also do in a short time so it is increasingly popular. Many people do this dish at home, but they admit that lacking of something that doesn't make them satisfied as of street vendors or the shop. The same material, the same method, may be lack of the “feeling” of street? No one can explain the reason and nowadays people are becoming familiar with the idea that a wormwood egg dish is a remedy food of Hanoi.

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