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Vietnam Mid Autumn Fesival

Vietnam Mid Autumn FesivalIn Vietnam, there are with 4 major festivals in a year, each one goes with a season, weather and brings certain significance.

In Vietnam, there are with 4 major festivals in a year, each one goes with a season, weather and brings certain significance. Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the four most important festival in the ancient agricultural calendar, such as: the Spring Festival (Lunar New Year - Tet), the festival between the Spring festival and the summer (Dragon Boat Festival), Mid-Autumn Festival and the early winter festival (New rice festival 10-10).

According to the Vietnamese customs, Mid-Autumn Festival is held in mid of autumn, which means is in the day having full round moon in Lunar August each year. Lunar August following legendary collection is the best night of the year because the moon in the day is the biggest, circle, brightest and most beautiful. This occasion is also known a children festival when have full of fun and colorful activities.

At the beginning of Lunar August, parent prepare to buy star lanterns, mask and toys for children, Moon Cake and fruit for the “ 5 kind of fruit” for worship ancestors. Children in this festival with colorful lanterns, Chinese lanterns, star lanterns, animal lanterns on their hand... join in group, sing together, step on streets in the evenings. Parent stay at home or visit the neighbor, drink some tea, talk and see the Moon with the full of smile and peace.

Feast and lantern Competition:

In the Mid-Autumn Festival, people prepare feast with a moon cakes and fruit, illuminate, sing and dance lion dance jubilantly. Many places have feast, baking cake contest of ladies. Children have a lantern parade and at many areas, lantern competitions are held.


Many families have private feast for children and in the past, trays often had paper doctor placed in the most beautiful place, surrounded by fruit cakes. After playing looking-moon feast, children serve out moon cakes and fruit.

Hát trống quân

Mid-Autumn Festival in the northern has “hát trống quân”. A men and a women sing, reply questions from the other, and beat on a hemp rope or wire stretched on an empty tank at the same time. These “vận” singings (song according to rhyme, idea), asking-song when available, or singing when people sing, they just think out.

Lion Dances

On this occasion, Vietnam has lion dance custom at two nights 14th and 15th in Lunar August. Lion dance team usually consists of a people wearing paper lion head and dancing lion’s carriage. The paper lion head has a long tail with colored cloth held by a person waving and dancing follow the lion dance rhythm. In the addition, there are cymbals, color lights, iridescent flag and someone taking clubs goes with and protect lion head... Lion dance team goes at the front, followed by adult and children.

Children often invite each other and have lion dance earlier, from the 7th and 8th to entertain rather than get prizes. However, there are still people love and give them bonus money.

Each festival in Vietnam has own some specific dishes, which are passed from one generation to another. And Mid-Autumn festival also has some unique traditional dishes, which are meaningful in each dish.

Moon cakes

Moon cake is a long-standing tradition of Vietnam, consists 2 types: pie and sticky rice cake. Moon cakes and “banh chung” in Tet have a common definition which is crust wrapping cores, it express the close-knit and enclosing feelings. Cake’s ingredients are all familiar agricultural products, easy to fine and make, so they is considered to be the cakes of rustic folk


Fresh breeze and bright going with a true sense cake and tea brings us feeling back to the childhood, and rush into the fun with the moon, star lanterns, trays of fruit, Cốm, the children play blind-man’s-buff...


Eating taro in Mid-Autumn festival implies chivy evil, and shows you do not believe in evil, mettlesome and worship goodness.


People believe that eating snails in this festival will brighten the eyes. Besides, they also say that it is the best time to eat snails because the time between the before and the after the Mid-Autumn festival is a time which snails’ intestine is empty, no baby snail inside, so the snail meat is very tasty.

Steamed glutinous rice with lotus roots

On this occasion, eating lotus root means reunite family members. Mixing sticky rice with lotus roots, cinnamon creates a cozy atmosphere, loving family.

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