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Banh Khot - a popular food in Vietnam

Banh Khot - a popular food in VietnamBanh khot ( Dragon egg bread) is easy cooking dish and very familiar with Vietnamese. The mainly in ingredients of Banh Khot is rice flour, pork , enjoy with sauce, lettuce and cucumber. Over time, banh Khot is popula throughout Vietnam and modified to suit the taste of each region.

Banh Khot of the Western is often added turmeric to rice flour, put fresh shrimps when casting, enjoy with vegetables, lettuce and cucumbers with salt. Meanwhile, in the Southern, people only use rice flour, add some eggs to make more foam flour, and use fried shrimp to replace fresh shrimp. In the Middle of Vietnam, Banh Khot is enjoyed with cucumber, sliced papaya, eggplant.. dipped in Mam Tom.

Buteach region hasa selecting raw materials and processed differently, but basically to make bread Khot have the same basic steps. The first is stir flour with water,a little vinegar, coconut milk,eggscan be added to increase porosityor put turmeric for attractive yellow cake. Add more seasoning, salt, sugar,monosodium glutamate,onion chopped...Adda little flour to increase the brittleness of the crust.

The next step is dump cake. The cake mold should be the large one, divided into multiple cells with a small concave circle, especially the mold must be made of earthenware for delicious cake. Put a thin layer of fat on the mold, pour the core of cake ( shrimp, chopped pork..), waiting for finished cake.

The sauce and vegetables are differently in each region, but still the most popular herbs, lettuce and cucumber.. The sauce is mixed with garlic, lemon..

Although Banh Khot is made inareas, it’s still a popular dish in Vietnam what is a distinctive cuisine of Vietnamese. And certainly in the minds of many people who have engraved images of the mother,and she sat down cake in the afternoon session.


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