Grilled pork vermicelliSame with Pho, bun cha is one of the typical dishes of Hanoi, a specialty with combination of fresh ingredients and spices to create a delicious dish, harmonious whole, displays the culinary skills of Vietnamese women in general and women in Hanoi in particular.

Banana flower saladBanana flower salad is a kind of rustic and exotic salad from Asian countries, especially Southeast Asia. Vietnam’s banana flower salad packs a much bigger punch than a typical plate of mixed greens.

Braised pork with eggIt's rain or cold day, so great if have this food, and you have it for meal 1 2 days, only need re braise in 5 minutes. Also a nutririous food, the fat of pork, sweet of sugar, especial the braised water – pour on your bowl of rice. Now the recipe!

Pork braise with coconutPork braise with coconut is the popular food in Vietnam, especial in the cold days. It's take me back the childhood with the Hot bowl of rice and 2 - 3 spoon of braised water!