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Grilled pork vermicelli

braised pork

About grilled pork vermicelli ( Bún chả )

Same with Pho, bun cha is one of the typical dishes of Hanoi, a specialty with combination of fresh ingredients and spices to create a delicious dish, harmonious whole, displays the culinary skills of Vietnamese women in general and women in Hanoi in particular.

To make bun cha, there is really need pretty careful preparation, the culinary experiences and you may think that it must be very difficult to cook this. However, with the love and passion with bun cha, you can make this dish on your own at your home. I am sure that, you will have interesting time with other members in your family and friends at the weekend.


  • 500g pork bellies
  • 500g pork shoulder lean
  • Lemongrass, onion, chili, garlic, lemon
  • Green papaya, carrot, fresh vegetables such as green salad, coriander, cucumber
  • Seasonings, glutamate, vinegar, sugar caramel, fish sauce


  1. Prepare pork: Clean pork bellies, cut into large slices but thin. Mince pork shoulder lean
  2. Make mixture of spices: Slice lemongrass, blend and then juice. Mince dried onion. Mix 3 spoons of seasonings, 3 spoon of glutamate, 3 spoon of sugar, 1 small spoon of sugar caramel to have mixture of spices.
  3. Marinade: Marinade each type of pork separately with half of the mixed spices and lemongrass juice, minced onion. Keep pork in 3 hours.
  4. Peel green papaya, carrot, slice and then soak in salt water. Keep dry. Mix papaya, carrot with seasonings, sugar, vinegar, lemon and chili to have a blend of sour, spicy, salty, sweet tastes.
  5. Grill pork: Put sliced pork or balls of minced pork on grills. Meat can be grilled by the oven, but the most delicious is grilled on charcoal. During time of grill, you should prepare cooking oil to put on pork to make it soft and not be dry.
  6. Make dipping sauce: Mix with proportion: 2 fish sauce , 5 water, 1.5 sugar and 1 lemon juice and then add minced garlic, chili, pepper which all work together in creating a subtle blend of salty, sweet, sour and spicy tastes. Because rice noodles are cold, you should boil dipping sauce and then put in bowl, add pickles and meat.

How to enjoy:

Bun cha is eaten together with pickled vegetables made from carrot, green papaya and rice noodles, fresh vegetables.
A plate of pork placed next to a dish of pickles and fresh vegetables, a bowl of sauce decorated with red chili slices, a plate of rice noodle is surely a satisfying treat after all.

Bun cha is absolutely a total harmony of color and flavor. Cooking it by your own and enjoy it with the fullest senses.

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