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Pork braise with coconut

dried beef salad

About Pork Brasie with Coconut ( Thịt kho dừa )

Foods are cooked by braise method always bring you good look and charming. Especial in cool days, it's so great if my mom braises pork for me. The braised pork is sweet, fat and  soft, the color is also amazing! I like pork braise with coconut best coz the smell and crispy of coconut, and the braised water to pour on white rice Yumy! . it's Easy to cook, simple and you don't have to pay much time on it.

Now time to cook!


  • 400 gram bacon ( bacon is the best coz the fat taste, doesn't use lean )
  • 100 gram copra.
  • 2 table spoon of sugar
  • Fish sauce
  • Green onion


  1. Prepare: Bacon and copra clean and slice to pieces. Green onion chopped 2 mm.
  2. Heat for a while and put surgar to fry, attention: keep the fire not too heat if not you will burn surgar. When the surgar look light brown, pour a bowl of water and stir to make "Nước hàng".
  3. Put bacon, 2 spoon of fish saucce and pour more water that the water level the same with bacon surface. Boild and remove the foam if you see it float on surface.
  4. Keep heat for 5 minutes then put copra, 2 spoon of coconut juice and keep heat, pay attention: when you see the water level is about 2 cm, taste the bacon that is soft? If NOT, pour more water and boil until the bacon is soft.
  5. When the bacon is soft, look both bacon and copra is brown that mean you are success!

How to enjoy:

Eat when hot with white rice. I love to pour 2 - 3 spoon of braise water when eat!! Yum yum…

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