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Chicken Pho (Pho ga) recipe

chicken Pho recipe

About Chicken Pho (Phở gà)

Phở (noodle soup) has appeared in Vietnamese for more than 100 years. Many people still believe that noodles originated from China, but many Vietnamese culinary culture studies confirmed "Vietnamese noodle is totally different." Mr. Didier Corlou said: "Pho is sure to be of Vietnam whether there is some influence of the West." Nam Dinh is the home town of Pho but Hanoi is place that Pho becomes population and famous all over the world.

Many people think “ Pho Hanoi? Of course it’s Pho Bo ( Beef Pho )”. Pho Bo is very very delicious, I also love it but you don’t miss chance to taste Pho Ga ( chicken pho ). What is the differences? The broth, main ingredient is chicken not beef and the most important is the chicken in Vietnam not like anywhere in our world. You can find some Pho Ga restaurants in your country, but I am sure that you can not find the taste as in Vietnam!


  • 1 chicken
  • 0.5 kg pork bones, chicken bones
  • 2 kg rice noodle
  • 100gr shallots
  • 2 gingers
  • 100gr green onion
  • 2 lemons
  • Coriander, lemon, vinegar, chili, chili sauce, spices.


  1. Washed pork bones, chicken bones, then chopped and then take into a pot, pour water until water is over bones. Heat it to boil.
  2. Grilled shallots and ginger, then put them in a  thin cloth bag, tie and take in the pot. Keep medium heat to the water in the pot just simmer.
  3. Clean chicken , don’t use organs to cook . Pour water has flooded the chicken. Add little salt, grind shallots and ginger to the pot, and then boil. When you see the chicken emerge on the water, the broth has oil, this is already cooked chicken. Take chicken out, hang up the chicken to be dry in the abdomen and quickly cold.
  4. When chicken is cold, take the meat. The chicken bones left put in a pot just boil previous time, continue boil to have sweet broth.
  5. Filter the pig bones broth and boiled chicken broth into one pot. Heat until broth boiling

How to enjoy:

Put noodles into bowl, then add chicken, chopped green onion, herbs and add spices. You may add chili, chili sauce, lemon juice if you like. Pour hot broth into bowl and enjoy.


  • When the broth boils, you should remove the foam several times to make broth be limpid.
  • Shredded chicken pieces should not be too small because they will dry quickly, taste not well.

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