Taro soup with pork ribsTaro soup with pork ribs is a delicious soup with the tasty, unique flavor of taro, along with the soft of pork ribs and gentle sweetness of the broth. It is extremely suitable in the cold winter when family enjoy together!

Dried bamboo shoots soupA bowl of dried bamboo shoots soup is an indispensible delicious dish in most Tet traditional banquets of Vietnamese families with unique flavor from the soft of dried bamboo shoots and pork ribs, sweet taste of hot broth.

Sweet and sour fried pork ribsPork ribs are tender with sour, spicy, salt and sweet taste. This dish will attract all members of your family in this winter.

Pork ribs soup with beansThe pork ribs is deep sweet, beans is nutritious. This is the best food at examinations time for student and pupil.