Braised beefBraised beef is one of family delicious dishes and it is always a favorite dish of so many people. There is a dozen of ways to cook this dish depending on interests and tastes of each woman in each family. At the weekends, when the family gathers, eating hot braised beef with bread, rice or fresh rice noodle is a perfect choice.

Beef fry lotus rootBeef fry lotus root, the main ingredient is beef, but when combine with lotus root, the dish will has the new taste, attractive and very strange taste. So we will have a strange taste in this fall.

Fry water spinach with GarlicOnly about 15 minutes, you will have a dish of crispy water spinach, stir with garlic and have good smell for your family.

Pork braise with coconutPork braise with coconut is the popular food in Vietnam, especial in the cold days. It's take me back the childhood with the Hot bowl of rice and 2 - 3 spoon of braised water!

Nộm bò khô (Mixed dry beef and papaya)Dried beef salad is the favorite dish of many people because its spicy, sweetness and peanut-taste are attractive. It’s also favourite dish of young people especial girls in Hanoi.

Pho Cuon – Rolled “Pho”About the origin of "pho cuon", this speciality was available in Ngu Xa village about 20 years ago. A restauratuer of a small vendor serving food at night came up with the idea wrapping beef and vegetables by sheets of uncut "pho" noodles (rice papers) when the broth ran out. Since then, "pho cuon" has become a special and popular dish in Hanoi.