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Braised beef

Braise beef

Braised beef ( Thịt bò kho )

Braised beef is one of family delicious dishes and it is always a favorite dish of so many people. There is a dozen of ways to cook this dish depending on interests and tastes of each woman in each family. At the weekends, when the family gathers, eating hot braised beef with bread, rice or fresh rice noodle is a perfect choice.


  • 500 gram beef
  • 3 lemon grasses
  • Braised beef spicy powder, curry powder, annatto seed oil
  • 5 star aniseed, 1 cinnamon
  • 2 carrot, 1 onion, 1 ginger, spring onions, garlic, coriander
  • Seasonings, peppers, sugar, salt, white wine


  1. Step 1: Prepare

    • Fry cinnamon and star aniseed with low heat. Put into one bag, bound this bag.
    • Mince ginger, garlic
    • Pounding lemon grass
    • Cut carrot into pieces. Slice onions

    Step 2: Marinade

    • Marinade beef for 10 minutes with ½ amount of minced ginger and white wine to remove odors of beef. Clean beef again before cut into cubes.
    • Marinade beef for 1 hour with a mixture of 1 spoon salt, 2 small spoon sugars, 1.5 spoon braised beef spicy powder, 1 spoon annatto seed oil, 2 small spoon of curry powder.

    Step 3: Braised

    • Heat the pot, pour annatto seed oil, fry minced garlic, ½ amount of minced ginger until it has aroma.
    • Pour beef to stir – fry. Pour enough water flooding beef
    • Put pounded lemon grass, bag with cinnamon and star aniseed into the pot. When the water in the pot boils, turn small heat to braised beef
    • When beef is about soft, take lemon grass and the bag out, put carrot, continue cooking until beef and carrot become soft
    • Before turn off the stove, add slice onion.

How to enjoy:

  • Put beef, carrot into bowl
  • Sprinkle with peppers, coriander
  • Enjoy hot with rice, fresh rice noodle or bread.

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