Sweet green beanSweet green bean is an indispensible delicious dish in Tet trays of Hanoi peoples. It requires a great deal of time and efforts from meticulously choosing green bean to cook process but the flavor it offers is satisfying all with sweet taste, soft of green bean, fragrant sesame, slowly melting in your mouth

Mussel steam with ginger leaveA kind of snack for your family. It's not take a long time and cook level is normal.

Eel porridge in Nge AnEel porridge is very popular dish and depending taste, but each region has different ways to cook. But the typical eel porridge and the most delicious kidn of porridge is cooked in Nge An.

Shrimp steam with lemongrass and lime leavesSteam until shrimps color is pink or red, be careful if keep steaming in a long time make shrimp loss sweet meat and dry. You should choose shrimps have strong shell, fresh shrimp. That’s the delicious shrimp!