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Eel porridge in Nge An

eel porridge

About Eel porridge in Nge An ( Cháo lươn Nghệ An)

Vinh city - Nghe An is famous with orrange and eel. For along time, eel porridge become " the proud of Nghe an " with unique taste not like anywhere.

The visitors from anywhere could not refrain with attractive of eel porridge. The color, and smell of pepper and nice of eel. It's look so simple but i am sure that you can not forget it if try once! Of course, you wanna try it again but dont have chance. Cook it for yourself.

Eel is a kind of nutritious food, good for pregnants and childen

Now time to cook!


  • 1 kg of eel
  • 1 bowl of delicious rice
  • 1 big turmeric
  • Fresh Onion, fragrant knotweed,dried onion


  1. Prepare: At first, eels is cleaned by ash, strock along body of eels by ash several times to clean the oil, then soak with diluted ash water about 5 minutes, then rinse with pure water. Slit along stomach of eels, remove the colon and rined carefully with salt. After preliminary, cut eels into pieces, each piece is about 7-10cm
  2. Marinate eel with a little salt, pepper, fish sauce for about 20 minutes then steam, get lean of eels, head and bone of eels will be used for cook porridge.
  3. Out bone and head of eels ( you could put some bone pork to make broth more tasly ) into broth, then use broth to cook porridge.
  4. Pour rice into broth, boil until the rice is cooked and hatched, note: rice amount depend on your favourite.
  5. While waiting for porridge is cooked, lets fry eels: pour a little coking oil then fry purple onions and chopped turmeric, stir and pour 4 tablespoons of water, lower heat. After that put lean eels, stew in a little time, then spiced, stir and turn off the heat.


Ladle soup in bowl, add in some fried eel, a little onion, fragrant knotweed, pepper. Enjoy when hot.

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