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Sweet green bean

Sweet green bean

Sweet green bean ( Chè kho )

Sweet green bean is an indispensible delicious dish in Tet trays of Hanoi peoples. It requires a great deal of time and efforts from meticulously choosing green bean to cook process but the flavor it offers is satisfying all with sweet taste, soft of green bean, fragrant sesame, slowly melting in your mouth. This dish also demonstrates the culture of Hanoi people in Tet holiday, all members of family gather around lotus teapot. It is hard to forget!


  • 500gr green bean
  • 200 - 300gr sugar
  • Roasted white sesame
  • A little bit of vanilla, salt


  • Step 1:

    • Clean then soak green bean in water for 3-4 hours (Tips: you should use green bean has no shell to save time)
    • Clean again, drain
    • Add a little bit of salt, mix well
    • Put in pot to steam until green bean becomes soft


    • Grind or pounding cooked green bean
    • Hold green bean by hand with the size of a punch
    • Use a knife slice green bean​​, mixed well with sugar


    • Turn on the stove, heat an iron pan or non-stick pan with thick, flat bottom
    • Add a spoon of water into pan, boil it and then pour mixture of green bean and sugar into
    • When the mixture in the pan boils, control low heat and stir continuously until the sugar and beans dried. Sprinkle with a little vanilla
    • Turn of the stove, take green bean into small dishes
    • Sprinkle with a little roasted white sesame on the surface

    How to enjoy:

    • When “che kho” becomes cold, use a thin knife to cut into 8 small pieces like 8 petals
    • Enjoy with lotus tea

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