Braised fish with sauceHundreds kinds of fish, hundreds of ways to cook always change. The changing depends on tastes and flavors of each area. Each kind of fish has 3 or 4 ways to braise; moreover, each area adjusts spices and flavors follow the eating custom in there.

Jelly porkJelly pork is a Vietnamese familiar and specific food of the North in winter days. The main ingredient of this food is pork, but they usually use pig feet instead of pork, some other ingredients are black mushroom, pepper, pig skin and may be jelly.

Banana flower saladBanana flower salad is a kind of rustic and exotic salad from Asian countries, especially Southeast Asia. Vietnam’s banana flower salad packs a much bigger punch than a typical plate of mixed greens.

Braised pork with eggIt's rain or cold day, so great if have this food, and you have it for meal 1 2 days, only need re braise in 5 minutes. Also a nutririous food, the fat of pork, sweet of sugar, especial the braised water – pour on your bowl of rice. Now the recipe!

Cao Lau - vietnamese foodPork noodle dish of Hoi An very similar dishes of other cultures visit this ancient trading port. Thicker noodles like Japanese udon noodles, crispy Van Than make people think of Chinese food, and water and herbs, then obviously Vietnam. Cao lau true only cook with water from Ba le wells.


NemA traditional Vietnamese food - Nem is a indispensable food in Vietnamese family, especially in the winter. A hot Nem and a litle sauce, some vegetable make a family meal.