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Jelly pork

Jelly pork

About Jelly pork( Thịt đông )

Jelly pork is a Vietnamese familiar and specific food of the North in winter days. The main ingredient of this food is pork, but they usually use pig feet instead of pork, some other ingredients are black mushroom, pepper, pig skin and may be jelly. This food has enjoyed when it’s cold with hot rice. When you enjoy, you will fill out some interesting tastes and favors.


  • 1kg pig feet
  • 200 gram pig skin
  • 50 gram green peas
  • 50 gram black mushroom
  • fish sauce
  • Spices, Carrot, Pickled scallion heads


  1. Scrape pig feet, pig skin and wash. Put them into a pot, pour water. Have a quick boiling; take them onto plate till they get cold.
  2. When pig feet and pig skin are cold, slice them into thin slices. Boil them in a pot (do not use the broth you have just boiled in the first step), add fish sauce, salt and seasoning.
  3. When the broth is boiled, take the scum out and boil till the meat is already cooked.
  4. Cut green peas into short sections, cleave them in two.
  5. Soak black mushroom in hot water for 10 minutes then slice into pieces.
  6. Dip green peas, mushroom in boiled water with little salt until they are cooked, take them out and let them drain.
  7. Put peas, carrot, mushroom at bottom of mould or bowl, then add meat into bowl. Take the bowl into refrigerator.

How to enjoy:

Use knife to separate meat from bowl or mould, face down the bowl, use plate to take meat onto. Enjoy with hot rice and some salads, dip with pepper sauce.

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