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spring scroll

About Spring Scroll ( Nem )

Spring scroll is the popular food in Vietnam especial in the North, you can find them in all of the party, wedding party, TET or another important day. And it's become the famous food with foreingers coz of not only the culture value but also the wonder taste!

Spring scroll ingredients are popular and easy to buy and it's not too difficult cook.you only need the agility to scroll the rice paper to make it more beautiful and carefully when fry.

Now time to cook!


  • 0.5 kg shoulderlean.
  • 0.2 kg lard.
  • 2 - 3 dried onion
  • 20 gram black mushroom
  • Sugar
  • 2 duck eggs
  • 50 gram vermicelli
  • Rice paper


  1. Prepare: Lean meat washed and chopped.Black mushrooms soaked in hot water until soft and chopped. Soak vermicelli in hot water in short time to make it soft, drain out and chop into about 2 cm.
  2. Break the egg and mix with meat, crab, black mushrooms, vermicelli, bean sprouts, dry onions,
    little sauce (not to much attention as rice paper had salinity is available and when you eat with sauce mix), sugar, seasoning, pepper to make the core of nem.
  3. Rice paper, cut out hard edges around. Take a spoon of core on rice paper, rolled back are bigger than your thumb, 5-6 cm long.
  4. Pour the cooking oil into the pan and heat, put Nem in pan note: Put the fold side first to avoid peeling. When Nem is golden, fish out, drain fat, cut into 2-3 pieces, present on dishes.
  5. Make sauce: as onther kind of sauce, base ingredient is lemon juice, garlic and pepper. But this sauce should be more salty so the ratio of fish sauce and water should be 1: 4. ( table spoon )

How to enjoy:

You should eat Nem when it’s still hot.Enjoy with sauce, vegetables such as: tomato, cucumber, salad…


  • You should use lemon juice or sugar water, when roled you put a small wipe them outside of nem.
  • Shouldn’t role Nem tight, it makes Nem break when fry.
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