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Sour ribs soup

sour ribs soup

About sour ribs soup ( Canh sườn chua )

Sour ribs soup is a food which is easy to cook and to eat. In summer days, this food is the good way to make you feel cooler. And in winter day, this food will bring to you hungry feeling and so many interesting ideas will come.
Cooked ribs are soft but not are broken; the soup is colorful, has all of flavor and taste. It’s requires of this food after cooked.


  • 1 kg pork ribs
  • 500 gram tomatos
  • 100 gram dracontomelon
  • Spices, seasoning, onion, green onion, herbs.


  1. Prepare pork ribs: Wash ribs and let them drain. Chop them into 2-cm pieces.
  2. Cut tomatoes into pieces. Wash and chop green onions, herbs.
  3. Wash and shave dracontomelon skin.
  4. Fry onion in pot, add 1 part of tomatoes and heat till tomatoes is already cooked. Add ribs and stir quickly. Pour water and then add spices.
  5. Simmer this soup, not cover pot till ribs are soft. Add the other part of tomatoes and dracontomelon into pot. After that, heat soup for 5 minutes, add spices, seasoning, green onion, herbs and then take the pot out of heat.

How to enjoy:

Enjoying this soup when it’s still hot is the best way to find out all taste and flavor. You can enjoy with hot rice, the light sweetness of rice will make the sour become more attractive.

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