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Deep fried squid

fried squid

About deep fried squid ( Mực chiên giòn )

Common Vietnamese's snack as potato snack to enjoy with beer. Crispy of fried squid and spicy of chilli...Yum...my!

I often make this food for my friends for the football party or at the weekend. Take a long time to prepare and short time to cook. Watch out some cat there! :))

Now time to cook!


  • 500 gram squid, clean, remove fishy smell by rice wine, then drain, cut into round pieces.
  • 200 gram water chestnut starch
  • Cooking oil,chilli.
  • Salt, pepper, sugar


  1. Prepare: Marinate squids with a little salt, pepper in a few minutes to infused spices.Mix the squiss with water chestnut starch ( you can use Crispy flour in stead of water chestnut starch)
  2. Pour cooking oil about ½ of pan ( more cooking oil more crispy for squid). When the cooking oil is boiling, put squid to fry, when the squids have yellow, take squids out and drain.
  3. Enjoy with chili sauce and cucumber.

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