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Beef steam with lotus leave

- 200g beef
- 50g dried lotus seeds
- 25g noodles
- 15g black mushrooms
- 10 mushrooms
- 20g spring onion
- 10g dried garlic
- 3 lotus leaf
- Fish sauce, pepper, spice powder, oyster sauce just enough.

How to cook:

-  Beef clean, drain and chopped.

-  Seeds of lotus, black mushroom, mushroom, noodles soak in hot water until bloom. Then cut into small pieces.

-  Green onion clean and slice.

-  Garlic peeled, wash, drain and chopped.

-  Lotus leaves clean and drain.

-  Mix beef, lotus seeds, mushroom, black mushroom, noodles, seasonning, chopped garlic, sauce, pepper, oyster sauce and then soak in about 20 minutes.

-  Put lotus leave on dishes, put mixed beef into leave, wrap in square shape and put in steamer. Wait for about 15 – 20 minutes.


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