Crab fry tamarindCarb fry with tamarind are suitable for cold days. Food look good with bright orange red and fatty crab meat, sour and sweet taste of tamarind, spicy of peppers.

Fry water spinach with GarlicOnly about 15 minutes, you will have a dish of crispy water spinach, stir with garlic and have good smell for your family.

Pork braise with coconutPork braise with coconut is the popular food in Vietnam, especial in the cold days. It's take me back the childhood with the Hot bowl of rice and 2 - 3 spoon of braised water!

Nộm bò khô (Mixed dry beef and papaya)Dried beef salad is the favorite dish of many people because its spicy, sweetness and peanut-taste are attractive. It’s also favourite dish of young people especial girls in Hanoi.

Cao Lau - vietnamese foodPork noodle dish of Hoi An very similar dishes of other cultures visit this ancient trading port. Thicker noodles like Japanese udon noodles, crispy Van Than make people think of Chinese food, and water and herbs, then obviously Vietnam. Cao lau true only cook with water from Ba le wells.


NemA traditional Vietnamese food - Nem is a indispensable food in Vietnamese family, especially in the winter. A hot Nem and a litle sauce, some vegetable make a family meal.