Eel porridge in Nge AnEel porridge is very popular dish and depending taste, but each region has different ways to cook. But the typical eel porridge and the most delicious kidn of porridge is cooked in Nge An.

Shrimp steam with lemongrass and lime leavesSteam until shrimps color is pink or red, be careful if keep steaming in a long time make shrimp loss sweet meat and dry. You should choose shrimps have strong shell, fresh shrimp. That’s the delicious shrimp!

Crab soup“Canh cua” is a simple, natural dish in the treasure of Vietnamese cuisine. The sweetness, the coolness along with somewhat viscosity of “ rau đay” (pot-herb) and “ mùng tơi” ( malabar nightshade) create the wonderful taste that reminisce us about the native land and childhood.

Beef fry lotus rootBeef fry lotus root, the main ingredient is beef, but when combine with lotus root, the dish will has the new taste, attractive and very strange taste. So we will have a strange taste in this fall.

Deep fried squidThis is a suitable food drink or a snack for the family, and of course the kids will love them. Also very interesting dish is made from the squid is simple and not time consuming.

Pork ribs soup with beansThe pork ribs is deep sweet, beans is nutritious. This is the best food at examinations time for student and pupil.