Banh Xeo - Special Vietnamese's foodBanh xeo is a famous folk dish. Similar to way calling other types of cake in Vietnam, name “banh xeo” derived from sound sizzle of pouring flour into hot pan. Those who once enjoy this cake certainly feel that banh xeo has unforgettable flavor.

Snail cooked with banana and tofuSnails cooked with banana and tofu is delicious, bold specific of the Northern style. This dish requires a lot of sophisticated steps in processing, so often cooked at weekends when family has gatherings.

Red noodles with crabIt can be said that “red noodles with crab” is a specialty of the port city - Hai Phong. It's also the top of World Street Food Congress

Banana flower saladBanana flower salad is a kind of rustic and exotic salad from Asian countries, especially Southeast Asia. Vietnam’s banana flower salad packs a much bigger punch than a typical plate of mixed greens.

Shrimp steam with lemongrass and lime leavesSteam until shrimps color is pink or red, be careful if keep steaming in a long time make shrimp loss sweet meat and dry. You should choose shrimps have strong shell, fresh shrimp. That’s the delicious shrimp!

Crab soup“Canh cua” is a simple, natural dish in the treasure of Vietnamese cuisine. The sweetness, the coolness along with somewhat viscosity of “ rau đay” (pot-herb) and “ mùng tơi” ( malabar nightshade) create the wonderful taste that reminisce us about the native land and childhood.