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Crab soup

crab's soup

About Crab soup ( Canh cua rau đay )

Popular soup in the Vietnam countryside coz river crabs is often avaiable at the local market. So great if in the hot summer days, you have a crab soup for meal. As the east physic, it's cool for your body so it's make you cooler in the hot days.

But you are carefully and sure nore one in your family allergies with crabs, not stomache.

Now time to cook!


  • 1 kg river crab
  • 1 bundle of jute plant
  • Shrimp sauce and fish sauce
  • Salt and seasoning


  1. Prepare: clean crabs, notice that crab live in mud so you have to be carefully clean serveral times. Remove crab's shells and clean again. Mill crab's meat and prepare to wash jute plant. You only take the young leave ofjute plant. Wash the vegetable and cut into small about 1 cm.
  2. Use pure water pour into crab's meat, stir and filter, keep the crab's water in pot and raw crab's meat in bolw.
  3. Heat the crab's water and stir when you see the crab's meat group. Becareful dont make them brocken. And put jute plant.
  4. Put more 1tbs shrimp sauce and 1/2 tbs seasoning.
  5. Lay the broth in bolw


You should put a little salt in crab meat when mill that's make crab's meat group when cook. Require the broth is cooked but crab's meat is not brocken.

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