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Red noodles with crab

Red noodle

About Red noodles with crab ( Bánh đa cua )

It can be said that “red noodles with crab” is a specialty of the port city - Hai Phong. It's also the top of World Street Food Congress. Although only in Hai Phong we can enjoy “red noodles with crab” with the unique and fullest flavors, we can make this delicious dish by ourselves at home as we don’t have chance to come there. Let’s cook it!


  • 500 gram field crab
  • 200 gram grind pork
  • 300 gram pork ribs
  • 500 gram red noodles
  • Black mushrooms
  • Water spinach, water dropwort cut into 4-cm pieces
  • 50 gram dried onions
  • Shrimp paste, fish sauce, peppers and other spices


  1. Making broth:
    • Wash pork ribs, put into pot to boil. Then, we wash again and start simmering to have broth of pork bones.
    • Tear crabs, wash with salt water, get mud out and then pound or grind crabs. Pour water to have 1 liter of crab water, use filter to refine and add a little bit of shrimp paste. Cooking crab water, stir continuously to make crab meat float. Take them out, put into a bowl.
    • Mix broth from pork bones and crab together in a pot. Boil again, add spices and put crab meat into.
  2. Making meat balls (mọc):
    • Cut black mushrooms into tiny pieces.
    • Add 1 spoon of fish sauce, a little bit of pepper, black mushrooms into grind pork, mix them well and make many small balls.
  3. Fry dried onions: Put some cooking oil and fry dried onions until it turn to bright brown and then put onions into a bowl. Use this cooking oil to stir-fry mud crab, put into broth pot.
  4. Blanch red noodles:
    • Soak dried red noodles in water for 5 minutes. If you have fresh red noodles, you can ignore this step.
    • Blanch red noodles in boiling water for seconds and quickly take out, put in a big bowl.

How to enjoy:

  • Add meat balls, water spinach, water dropwort, dried onions into red noodles bowl.
  • Pour hot broth, enjoy immediately and you will understand why this dish has become a specialty so famous and popular not only in Hai Phong but also in everywhere in Vietnam.

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