Snail cooked with banana and tofuSnails cooked with banana and tofu is delicious, bold specific of the Northern style. This dish requires a lot of sophisticated steps in processing, so often cooked at weekends when family has gatherings.

Tofu fry with lemongrassTofy is one of popular food in Vietnam from north to the south. It's cool and delicious. Has many recipes to cook this food, tofu fry with lemon grass and chilli is great for the cold days in the winter.

Eel porridge in Nge AnEel porridge is very popular dish and depending taste, but each region has different ways to cook. But the typical eel porridge and the most delicious kidn of porridge is cooked in Nge An.

Cao Lau - vietnamese foodPork noodle dish of Hoi An very similar dishes of other cultures visit this ancient trading port. Thicker noodles like Japanese udon noodles, crispy Van Than make people think of Chinese food, and water and herbs, then obviously Vietnam. Cao lau true only cook with water from Ba le wells.


NemA traditional Vietnamese food - Nem is a indispensable food in Vietnamese family, especially in the winter. A hot Nem and a litle sauce, some vegetable make a family meal.