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Tofu fry with lemongrass

eel porridge

About Lemon Grass Chilli Tofu ( Đậu phụ xào sả ớt )

Tofu is a rustic dish of some East Asian countries’ people such as Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea. In Vietnam, this dish has many different name such as: “đậu phụ” in the North, “đậu khuôn” in the Central and “đậu hũ” in the Southern.

Tofu has the effect of prevent atherosclerosis, as well as favorite dishes of vegetarians. Today, let's twist to the familiar fried tofu with scented lemongrass and spicy chili for dinner more interesting.

Now time to cook!


  • 2-3 pieces of tofu
  • Fish sauce, sugar, soy sauce
  • Lemon grass, garlic, chili


  1. Prepare: Wash fresh tofu, cut into cubes, chop lemongrass, chili finely.  You can adjust the amount of lemongrass, chili depending on your preference.
  2. Heat cooking oil, fry tofu until they are in yellow sides, take tofu into plate lined with absorbent-cooking oil paper.
  3. Pour little cooking oil out of the pan. Reuse the pan, fry the garlic; add lemongrass, chili into the pan and stir, and then add two teaspoons of fish sauce, a small spoon of sugar and mix.
  4. Finally pour fried tofu into the pan, stir with chopsticks until lemongrass and chili are outside surface of tofu, and then pour them into the plate and enjoy with rice.


You can take it with soy sauce and garlic.

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