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Steamed chicken egg rolls seaweed

Steamed chicken egg rolls seaweed

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  Prep time:   Cook time:   Total time:
  (you remember buying  chicken thighs with  both sides). chicken thigh:    1 
  Sheet of seaweed:      2   
  Salt eggs:      2          
  Garlic, ginger, cooking wine, pepper, salt, soy sauce, chicken powder.   

  Tomatoes, peppers for decoration.    


  • Boneless chicken, to keep  his skin. Chicken  marinated with garlic,  ginger, soy sauce, cooking wine, chicken powder, pepper, salt to taste.
  • Spread chicken  out cutting board, cover one or two  sheets of seaweed on top.
  • Put egg  whites, egg yolks to squeeze out a bit.
  • For egg  yolk salt evenly over the seaweed strip, the  chili leaves only  gone up with action.
  • Roll the meat was in doubt,  take action to  bring hot water forced through the ceiling again.

How  to cook:

  • Cooked chicken  to the pot.
  • Fish out cut into slices, decorated with chili salad.

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