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Bun Thang recipe

Bun Thang

About Thang Rice Noodle Soup (Bún Thang)

If in other dishes there are a few types of materials which are considered to be "critical", in Bun Thang, all spices, ingredients contribute to the "its own quality". Though Bun Thang misses one thing of its spices, it was considered damage. It is estimated to have up to 20 ingredients to make this dish.

Visit Hanoi, what's a pity if you don't enjoy this noodle! The noodle look so simple and many kind of ingredients, it's not only a delicious food but also a kind of medicine and has its own meaning. The colorful of Bun Thang symbol for 5 elements in Theory of China ( metal, wood, water, fire and earth ), to bring the balance of beauty. Now time to cook!


  • 1kg rice noodles
  • 1kg chicken
  • 200gr pig roll
  • 3 eggs
  • 200gr ground pork
  • 300gr – 500gr shrimp (fresh or dry)
  • 100gr dry mushroom
  • 1kg pig bones
  • Spring onion, Vietnamese coriander, lemon juice, chili
  • Shrimp sauce, vinegar, spices, seasoning, pepper


  1. Boil chicken, separate chicken from bones. Then tear chicken.
  2. Wash pig bones, take through boiled water, wash again then take into the chicken broth, simmer with chicken bones to be sweeter and charming.
  3. Peel fresh shrimp, put shrimp heads and shells into broth. Embalm the left with spices and onion. Heat pan with onion, put embalmed shrimps into pan, and stir until shrimps become firm. Then cut shrimp into 2 parts (longitudinal).
  4. Fry eggs and then julienne thread pig roll, fried eggs.
  5. Make ground pork into small ball-shape, put them into the broth.
  6. Wash dry mushroom, put them into the broth.
  7. Chop spring onion, Vietnam coriander. Slice chili.

How to enjoy:

  • Take rice noodles through boiled water and then put them into bowl.
  • Add chicken, shrimp, eggs, pig roll, mushroom, ground pork, chili, spring onion and Vietnamese coriander into the bowl. Add little shrimp sauce and then add broth into bowl.
  • Add pepper, lemon juice, vinegar follow your favor.
  • Enjoy when Bun Thang is still hot.

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