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Shrimp steam with Ginger and Scallion

- 400g prawns.
- 1/3 ginger.
- 4 scallions.
- 4 peppers.
- ½ spoon  of sugar.
- 1 spoon of seasoning.
- 1/2 cup water.
- Salt pepper lemon pepper or salt.

How to cook:

-    Shrimp washed, using scissors to cut off antennae and legs of shrimp. Spit along shrimp back and remove the black fiber. Ginger peeled,  slice into fibers, pepper should be slice into small fibers. Scallions cut into small path.

-    Pour water into pot , put ginger, pepper, seasoning and sugar to boil. Put shrimp in pot, steaming. When shrimp is ok, add scallions to make more good smell


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